The World Stands By India & Condemns The Horrific Terror Attack In Kashmir’s Pulwama

Without a shade of doubt, 14th February 2019 will go down as a black day in Indian history. On the day which is known to be marked by love, the country was rattled by a major terrorist attack in Kashmir’s Pulwama district, when terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed’s suicide bomber attacked with an explosive-laden vehicle into one of the buses of the security forces.

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44 valiant CRPF personnel were martyred as a result of the sudden blast and the loss couldn’t have been more painful. The SUV, which was driven by terrorist Adil Ahmad Dar, apparently had 350kgs of explosives in it.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strongly condemned the unfortunate event and has made a strong statement on the cause. Assuring the country of revenge, the BJP leader mentioned that the sacrifices of the soldiers won’t go in vain.

However, it was not only Narendra Modi who condemned the loss but several world leaders took to social platforms to express their support.

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Dignataries from all over the country including Bollywood superstars and sports stars have also reacted strongly against the heinous act. Hereby, we salute the bravehearts who lost their lives in the attack and stand by their families in the time of despair.

Their sacrifices won’t go in vain.

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