Women Online Reveal How Their Bodies Have Changed Over Their 20s & 30s

A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes over the years. Someone with a thinner physique in their 20s may suddenly appear fuller in their 30s due to hormonal changes, physical ailments and increased/decreased activity and that’s okay. However, there’s a lot of shame around it as unrealistic body standards have dictated that women of all ages should look flawless. *sigh*

Hence, women on Reddit have been revealing the bodily changes that they have gone through over the years.

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Some have weaker knees, some have low alcohol tolerance, some weigh heavier, and some have enlarged breasts. While some said their metabolism slowed down, others revealed how they’re taking out the time for a fitness regimen.

Have a look:

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Some have developed better body image issues.

Maybe in your 20s, you could easily drink an entire pitcher but not anymore!

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Your body doesn’t just change when you hit puberty. It changes every year as you grow.

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Have you had the same experience?

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