Women Share Their Personal Experiences Of Financially Supporting Their Partners

Relationships are all about equality, even when it comes to money. Nowadays, couples split expenses between themselves, save and invest their income and also work towards achieving their financial goals together. This also means that when one of them is between jobs or struggling with their personal finances, the other supports them and vice versa.

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Recently, women on Reddit shared their personal experiences of supporting their partners and why they were happy to do it.

Have you ever supported a romantic partner financially when they were not earning, and if so, how did it make you feel? from AskWomen

They shared that their partners had either lost their jobs, were looking to switch or were studying so they were happy to take on the role of the ‘breadwinner’.

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Having said that, some women also recounted when and why they stopped supporting their partners as the relationship became unhealthy.

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What a wonderful thread about give and take in a relationship. And also, never forgetting the warning signs that a relationship is no longer equal and that it’s time to break it off.

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