23 YO Has Two-Thirds Of Her Vagina Missing But Continues To Conquer Life Like A Boss

Reproductive organs among women have been highly sexualised by society whether it is breasts or the vagina. Women are judged on the basis of own reproductive prowess and whether we’ll be able to grant an “heir” to the family or not. And can you guess what happens if you can’t? Yep, you’re mostly cast aside and your husband is encouraged to find a new partner who can bear him a child.

But 23-year-old Briana Fletcher has been living a normal life despite having two-thirds of her vagina canal and no uterus. Briana was born with a condition called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, which causes the reproductive system to remain underdeveloped.

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Since there were no symptoms of her disease externally, it was not until she hit puberty and didn’t get her period that the disease was discovered. The doctor, however, attributed it to her low weight but that was clearly not the case. At 16, after MRIs and ultrasounds, it was discovered that she didn’t have a uterus.

As reported by Metro, she talked about her experience in school with this disease, she said,

“didn’t really feel any different. It was a bit off when someone would ask me for a tampon or pad at school but I just said I didn’t have any on me. It didn’t really bother me.”

Her gynaecologist advised her to do extensive research on her condition so she could figure out what it was. However, she could not find anything except for doctor’s notations and PDF files. This was because this disease is extremely rare and is known to affect only one in 5,000 women.

But this is not the end of her problems, along with reproductive issues, this condition also brings kidney problems and bone changes. Briana has scoliosis and her kidneys are both on the same side but fortunately, both function absolutely fine.

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And for all of you out there who are wondering, yes Briana does have a sex life. But, it can’t be said that it’s not been difficult. She advises that while sex with one-third of a vagina can be difficult, the key is to go slow and use lubricant.

She also talked about her interactions with other women when they find out about her condition and added,

“I am told often that I am “lucky” not to have a period,’ she said. ‘I am a bit offended but I try to remember that they’re only speaking from their experience and I’m only speaking from mine.”

While her condition will never allow her to conceive, Briana believes that a woman isn’t defined by whether she can bear a child or not. She believes a woman is so much more than a vagina and having a child.

Now that’s a bandwagon we can gladly hop on to. You go, girl!

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