Woman Urges Companies To Come & Invest In Bihar But Desis Give Her The Meme Treatment

Bihar and MNCs have a relationship more complicated than people’s Facebook relationship status. It’s like MNCs got the friend request but haven’t yet accepted Bihar’s economic invitation – a classic case of “will they, won’t they.”

This is typical because Bihar comes with several infrastructural challenges such as inadequate transportation facilities and unreliable power supply along with political instability, lack of skilled workforce and the overall perception of Bihar. The city has a long way to go.

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However, a digital creator @mishraverse took to X to urge companies of Karnataka to come and invest in Bihar.

Instead of support, people online decided to give her the meme treatment because this is, after all, unrealistic on so many levels. Many imagined how the scene would be if MNCs did end up coming to Bihar. Have a look:

Do you think MNCs will end up swiping right on Bihar after falling for its irresistible charm? 😛

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