Woman Shames Female Student For Dancing On Stage As She Is Someone’s ‘Future Wife’, What?

Societal norms often perpetuate a double standard where women’s morality is scrutinized and elevated while men escape similar scrutiny. There is a blatant imbalance when it comes to how we perceive men and women and it casts women as guardians of virtue and men as exempt from moral scrutiny. Here’s an example.

A certain kind of fest was going on in Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune, where a male and a female student were seen dancing on stage. It was a contemporary dance routine to a romantic song and naturally, there were certain dance steps which were intimate going with the theme of the full routine.

However, some people thought it was appropriate to shame the woman for dancing on stage romantically because she was someone’s “future wife”.

Can the guy in the video also not be somebody’s future husband? Or is he devoid of a moral compass and morality only comes into question when a woman is involved? Is the woman dancing alone here? And above it all, the two are only dancing!

People online called the post out for trying to bring the woman down for harmlessly performing on stage. They highlighted that the woman in question is confident, elegant and talented, and if there is a man who has a problem with her dance, he doesn’t deserve to be with her in the first place.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions to the video:

If we were to establish gender equality in the true sense in our society, we need to challenge these stereotypes and double standards, and judge individuals based on their questionable actions rather than conforming to rigid gender norms, don’t you agree?

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