Woman Writes About How On Her Birthday, Parents Remind Her That She’s Past Her ‘Expiry Date’

In India, societal expectations often dictate that women have an expiry date, typically by the age of 25. The pressure to settle down, start a family, and bear children becomes a pervasive narrative, with each passing year beyond this age diminishing a woman’s perceived desirability.

Those who defy this timeline, choosing to remain single or delay marriage into their late twenties and thirties, are subjected to ridicule from society. Their independence and choices are undermined, reinforcing the notion that a woman’s worth is solely tied to her marital status and ability to conform to traditional roles.

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Speaking of which, a woman took to X (formerly Twitter) to share how on her birthday, her parents told her that she was “way past” her “expiry date” and had “destroyed their lives” because she had made them unable to show their face to anyone.

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She also added that she understands that it is entirely not her parents’ fault and that they are socially conditioned to have these kinds of ideas. It is our society’s fault at large.

However, several people online showered immense support on her and said that even though they were her parents, she shouldn’t give them the power to determine her self-worth. Here’s how some of them responded to her post:

You know what is the problem with this idea that women come with an “expiry date”? It forces women to conform to societal expectations and get married out of obligation rather than choice and personal happiness.

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