Woman Lived With Dead Boyfriend’s Rotting Corpse & Used His Bank Cards For A Month

Losing a loved one might leave a person shaken to the core. It’s certainly very tough to accept and deal with the death of a near and dear one and get life back on track. Healing takes time. But, humans lay the dead body to rest as soon as the final rites are performed. No one will ever choose to live with the corpse of a person he/she loved!

But a 49-year-old woman, Shock, from Michigan chose to live with the rotting corpse of her 61-year-old dead boyfriend for several weeks until police intervened. The family of the deceased got concerned and sought the help of police after they did not hear from him for weeks.

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Investigating the matter, the police reached the house of the man where he used to live with his girlfriend. They smelled something rotting inside the house only to find the decaying dead body of the man sitting in a chair in the apartment.

The woman who was also present there in the house was held under custody immediately. Shocks admitted that her boyfriend had died weeks ago and she was also using his bank cards for a month after his death. She has been charged for concealing the death of another person and financial fraud.

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“It’s extremely unusual, it to have a case like this,’ Monroe told NBC 24. “She needed some place to stay so she decided after he had passed away to stay in the apartment with him.” Officials say that they believe the woman may have mental health issues that contributed to her behavior.

However, Shock has a prior police record with charges of stalking, breaking and entering and destruction of property. She also had an arrest warrant issued against her for failing to appear in court for these charges.

A case with grave mental health concerns or purely a selfish deed to encash the dead boyfriend’s savings? What do you think?

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