Influencer Gives UP Board Topper Prachi Nigam A ‘Makeover’, Shares Important Message On Video

Prachi Nigam does not adhere to societal beauty standards. For her, her first priority is her studies, in which she excels. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, she scored an impressive 98.5% in her class-10 board exams. She was the UP board topper this year but people were more concerned about her facial hair. Much of our society seems to believe that, while academics are fine, she urgently needs grooming. A brand even exploited her difficult experience tackling online trolling as a marketing opportunity.

Many days have passed since Prachi Nigam faced online trolling. However, recently, a content creator named Anish Bhagat arrived at her doorstep offering her a makeover.

In a video that he shared online, we see how he flew down to Prachi’s hometown Mahmodabad and greeted her with flowers. After chatting for a while with her, he sat her down in front of the mirror. Her hair was combed, perfume was applied, a little mascara was put on and even some nail polish.

And then came the reveal – she looked exactly the same! Nothing had been changed.

Because, she doesn’t even need to change anything about her. She was beautiful before and she is beautiful now.

“This is for anyone and everyone filled with insecurities and has been waiting for a glow up. You all deserve to treat yourself a little better. Don‚Äôt be too hard on yourself,” Anish wrote on Instagram.

Here’s a look at the video:


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Several people showered immense love on the two of them and thanked Anish for not changing a thing about her. Here’s how some of them reacted:

What a wonderful example has been set! ūüôā

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