Woman Spitting Mouthwash Back Into Bottle In Store Has Twitter Begging For This Trend To End

A couple of days ago a disturbing video of a girl licking an ice cream tub and keeping it back in the refrigerator of a shopping mall surfaced on the internet. She documented the act and the video caused a social media storm. She later got arrested and was charged with a felony.

In the wake of this incident, another cringe-worthy video was posted on social media where a Walmart shopper was seen gargling mouthwash and spitting it back into the bottle.

Just for your information, product tampering is a second-degree felony offence under Texas law.

Apparently, this act was recreated to garner likes and views on social media.

Twitter was obviously disgusted and wanted thisΒ insanity to stop.

No one actually knows who started this disgusting trend on the internet. But apparently, someone who used deodorant and put it back on the store shelf is the person to be blamed.

Staged or not, this makes us doubt every possible product on the shelf of the supermarket. Yuck!