WhatsApp Was Down Again And The Jokes Have Been Declared As The ‘Best Jokes Of 2017’ By UNESCO


Remember when the last time WhatsApp was down and s*it hit the roof? Yes, the same time when we lost all sense of purpose and baffled netizens ran to Twitter to voice their senselessness? Yes, we survived the panic attack of not knowing what to do with our time for a day (okay, a few minutes) without WhatsApp but it has not been the same.

In fact, the world saw another down yesterday in the world of forwards and #WhatsAppDown was trending again! Only this time it was for an apparent time that allowed a lot of memectivity (meme+activity; yeah I coined it). And new ones at that!

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. And brace yourself for a giggle attack! 

1. Ouch. That gotta hurt!

2. In other words…

3. Every single time!

4. Legit reaction.

5. I’d disown friends like that, TBH.

6. That’s where the trend was born.

7. See, told ya!

8. Because how else is one supposed to send pictures of their pooch to bae?

9. Catastrophic!

10. Catastrophically apocalyptic.

11. Oh, the irony!

12. It’s a crowd, you guys!

13. On the hindsight…


14. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

15. ME IRL.

What is that? You have your own to contribute? Be my guest! 😉

*goes to check if WhatsApp is down again*

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