Guy Asks Women What’s Stopping Them From Going Down On One Knee To Propose, They Respond

Not just for decades, but for generations it has been believed that if a man wants to date or marry a woman, he must go down on one knee and pop the question. And you see men going down on one knee to propose to the woman of their dreams in films, proposal videos, pre-wedding shoots and what not. Even young guys do it nowadays when they want to ask a girl out!

But a woman going down on one knee for a guy is not a popular practice. It may be happening in a lot of places, but it is rare.

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So a user named Krish took to Twitter to share a picture of a woman, clad in a saree, bent on one knee and giving a bunch of flowers to a guy and asked, “Girls, what’s stopping you from doing this?”

And women online had all kinds of reactions which were both hilarious and legit! From not wanting to ruin their saree to ego problems, from trust issues to the fear of rejection, here’s what women listed as their reasons for not going down on one knee for a guy:

Honestly, I think girls should have the confidence to go down on one knee and pop the question to a guy and also be brave enough to face rejection, just in case. What do you think?

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