From Entitlement To Violence, Men On Reddit Reveal What Makes A Relationship Toxic

There are some lines, some unsaid rules, and boundaries in a relationship. And when either of the two people crosses that boundary, things start to go South.

Also, we often tend to ignore the most obvious signs of our toxic partners due to blind love and commitment toward them. That’s why we sometimes need to pause and introspect or get a third person’s view on it.

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Recently, men on Reddit shared the last nail in the coffin, the things that according to them make a relationship toxic.

Men, what makes a relationship toxic? from AskMen

From entitlement to not looking for solutions, this is what constitutes or leads to a toxic relationship.

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If you have been going through more than three of these points then probably it’s time for you to pause and introspect your relationship and also, communicate.

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