Women Reveal The Toxic Ideas They Had About Love As Youngsters In An Eye-opening Thread

When we are young, we have weird notions about love, marriage, and relationships. And as we grow up and experience the ups and downs of life, our perspectives change.

Just like us, these women also had weird ideas about love, some of them being toxic. We came to know about them when a user u/burstthebubble posted this question on AskWomen on Reddit:

what were the most toxic ideas you had about love when you were younger? from AskWomen

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Some thought that being extra controlling and protective meant their partner loved them. While others thought fighting, screaming and yelling, were normal in relationships. Take a look at some of the weird notions that these women had:

The craving for ‘the one’.

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The fear of ‘log kya kahenge’.

“Apney se badey ladkey se shadi karo.”

Not expecting love in return.


Sacrificing yourself.

The cliche.

A partner and a relationship should empower us, make us feel liberated and free from any burden. The ones that give us anxiety and stress are worth staying away from. Haina?

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