[Watch]: What Actually Is Depression?

Depression is like walking towards a sunset. You’re walking ahead and basking in the warmth of light, but deep inside you still know that darkness is just around the corner. In layman term, it’s assocated with the “unhappy feeling.”

Depression is a mental disorder and it has following symptoms – feeling sad, losing interest in things that you normally enjoy doing, feeling worthless, haing irregular sleep patterns; for at least 2 weeks in a row. And the sad picture is that many people are falling prey to this clinical depression, every year.

Through animation, this video by TED-ed, it throws light on the many facets of depression – how its caused, what are the symptoms, how it affects you and what you should do if you encounter a person suffering from this.

Take care because there are wounds that never show on the body but are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. đŸ™‚