Kangaroos Spotted Roaming Around In West Bengal, 3 Rescued By Officials, See Visuals

If you ever happen to visit Australia, be prepared to witness adorable kangaroos every now and then. Especially when you’re driving on a road that has lush greenery on either side, there is a good chance that you’ll spot kangaroos hopping about their day. While they are a common sight to witness in Australia, you wouldn’t think you’ll find them in West Bengal, would you?

But recent events dictate otherwise. According to The Indian Express, visuals have gone viral on social media which show kangaroos roaming on the roads of West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district. Forest officials have notified reporters that three kangaroos were rescued from different parts of the Siliguri.

This seems to be a case of animal smuggling, as unfortunately, there was a baby kangaroo that was found dead. The others have serious injuries on their bodies.

“After being rescued, all three kangaroos were sent for treatment. We are surprised as to who brought these kangaroos here and how. We suspect these kangaroos were being smuggled to Nepal. But we are looking into the motive behind smuggling as well,” said a senior forest official.

Locals had first spotted these animals passing through their area. They were seen inspecting the surroundings and trying to eat grass from the roadside. The locals speculated if the animals escaped from a zoo.

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Indian Forest Services officer Parveen Kaswan claimed that they were not a part of any zoo and were rescued by authorities.

An investigation is underway which is looking into where these kangaroos came from, who brought them into Bengal and via which route

Imagine the torture these poor animals had to go through this entire time!

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