5 Times Virat And Anushka’s PDA Broke The Internet, For Good!

While he’s the hunk, both on and off the cricketing field; she’s bubbly, vivacious and a great star. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma or Virushka, as their fans fondly call them, are a couple we love rooting for. Their relationship stood the test of time and still does, but they came out stronger.

Over the course of their relationship, Virushka gave us some serious couple goals and we can’t help but love the two. Here are some instances when Virat-Anushka spelled out relationship goals for us.

– They never took shade under the ‘just friends’ umbrella.

Even when they didn’t confirm their relationship, they didn’t call themselves ‘just friends’. And this V-Day, in form of a cutesy Insta-pic, Virat confirmed his relationship with Anushka. His post was super-sweet.


– Their PDA makes our hearts melt.

Be it walking hand in hand at the airports, or blowing out a kiss on the pitch, or walking out of the restaurants from the same gates, or kissing goodbyes at airports; Virushka are much-in-love and it shows.’


– They have each other’s back, always.


Remember the time Anushka was trolled left, right and centre for Virat’s bad performance? But more than that we clearly remember how Virat came out in her support (even when they were not dating that time) and shut every troll with his ‘golden tweet‘.


– They take time out of their schedules, for each other.

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Both are extremely busy with their professional life, but they make it a point to take vacays together and always ring in celebrations of special moments together.


– They complement each other well.

They make a really great couple. They have loads of fun together, are chilled-out and non-fussy about things. They’re so relatable!

There were pretty strong rumours about their engagement earlier this year. But Virat put an end to it, in his way. While their fans want to marry them off, I would like to say, seal the deal whenever you two are ready. Till then, please be awesome together just the way you guys are, always.