Virat’s Tweet Defending Anushka Against Online Trolls Is The Golden Tweet Of The Year 2016

Each year, Twitter publishes its #YearOnTwitter report that talks about the trends in India. It includes items such as popular hashtags, most followed accounts, top movements, and most popular tweets. Every year, Twitter also selects the Golden tweet of the year, which is usually the most retweeted tweet in the country.

Virat Kohli’s tweet coming out in support of Anushka Sharma and shaming those trying to troll the actress has become the Golden Tweet of the year 2016. It has been retweeted more than 40,000 times and liked by over 1,07,189 users. 

It’s quite commendable that an empowering tweet like this one has been selected as the Golden Tweet of the year. It goes to show that although archaic beliefs about a woman’s position in society are still prevalent in our country, the online community of Indians is certainly moving in a progressive direction.


Maya Hari, the Managing Director of Twitter Southeast Asia and India, while reacting to the Golden Tweet had this to say:

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“Twitter is a reflection of conversations in India.What was amazing to see is that Virat Kohli stood out as a great role model on Twitter in India standing up for a woman and the safety and defence of her on the platform.”

Twitter is a platform that has given voice to every individual in the nation. Some have used it to voice their concerns, some have asked for help, some have used it to troll, shame, embarrass and insult, while others to simply have a conversation with the world.

It’s good to know that out of all the varied possibilities, a tweet coming to a woman’s defence, tweet by a man who has become an icon for India’s youth, has become the Golden Tweet of the year 2016.

News Source: The Hindu