Giant Rice Wave Picture Which Left Netizens In Awe Is Now A Hilarious Meme

Internet treats us with something new every day. One day it’s a picture of an egg that breaks Kylie Jenner’s record of being the most liked picture on Instagram, on the other – a dancing airport gate guard. In today’s delish treat of laughter and awe, the internet is offering you with hilarious photoshop edits of the giant rice wave picture which went viral recently.

The picture was originally a screenshot taken from a prank video of popular Japanese YouTube duo Kanta and Tommy.

The video shows Tommy making fried rice, he tricks Kanta into believing that he made a giant rice wave in a wok pan. Later on, it turns out that it was actually a sculpture and not a real rice wave. But for the people who weren’t aware of the prank video, the screenshot worked like magic. Looking at the giant rice wave, they were all left in awe and soon the picture went viral on social media.

The latest rule of the internet goes like – every viral picture must inspire hilarious memes! And so happened with the rice wave picture as well. It inspired a series of memes with photoshop edits:

How about giving your own twist to create something hilarious out of the incredible rice wave? Do share your versions of the rice wave memes with us.

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