Punjabi Munda, Vikas Khanna Shares How He Got Slapped Once For Experimenting With Kadipatta!

What can I say about the chef with the million-dollar smile Vikas Khanna, that hasn’t already been said? I think at this point everybody knows what a gem of a human he is. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, one look at the way Vikas Khanna enjoys his slice of life is enough to make you feel motivated.

Not only that, the Michelin-starred chef is extremely grounded and his culinary journey has inspired many to dream. Vikas Khanna was recently at the HT Leadership Summit and revealed quite a few things about himself and he is being his usual charming self.

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It is no secret that Vikas Khanna is a man of many talents and apart from being a chef, he has penned 29 books and we are in awe. Not only that, when he was at a vulnerable point in his life going through surgery on his left hand, he took solace in writing. He said,

“Doctors told me that I may lose my hand. That was the time when I visited Nizamuddin shrine in Delhi and wrote the poem The Humble Seed.”

But the best part about the conversation was the time when he revealed his favourite ingredients and contrary to popular belief, they are not at all high-end ingredients which the common man cannot afford.

He talked about his visit to Pakistan which made him fall in love with his favourite ingredient, Mulethi (liquorice) and said,

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According to a report in India Today, if he had not shifted to the USA, he would still be cooking in his hometown Amritsar.

Speaking of favourite ingredients, Khanna also revealed his fond memories of being introduced to curry leaves (Kadipatta) when he travelled to South India. But, his memories of using curry leaves at home when Punjabis didn’t even venture close to it, will crack you up.

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“Punjabis thought curry leaves look like neem leaves that’s gone bad.”   

Vikas Khanna’s relationship with curry leaves is also a sentimental one because, among the many trees that his father planted in their home, the curry-patta tree was one of them, which allowed him an abundance of it so he could experiment with it.

The adventure is surely in the man from a really young age!

There is no denying that chef Vikas Khanna is not only passionate about food, he is also sentimental about it and that is precisely the thing that makes him such an ace in the food industry.