Vikas Khanna’s ‘Utsav’ Was Auctioned For 30 Lakhs! From Pope To PM, Here’s Who Owns A Copy.

We have an eternal crush on Chef Vikas Khanna and our ‘Junoon’ for him cannot be explained in words. His extraordinary cookbook “Utsav – A Culinary Epic”, which was a labour of 12 years was auctioned and it is now the most expensive cookbook, ever.

The 1200-page book, written in gold ink, was auctioned for 3 Million rupees. It will serve 2,00,000 meal to kids through the NGO Vikas supports.


Vikas took to Facebook to share the happy news and birthday wish for his father.

“Today Feb 14th, 2017 is monumental. UTSAV has officially become The World’s Most Expensive Cookbook – first copy auctioned for 3 Million Rupees. This will be used to serve 2,00,000 meals through smilefoundation #MillionDollar4Nutrition
Thanks to Mr. Rasesh Kanakia and Family.
This is for you Papa, celebrating your 71st Birthday.”

The book is the world’s largest compilation of festivals, ceremonies, rituals and foods that symbolise India and its resplendent heritage.


And, from Narendra Modi to the Obamas to Mark Zuckerberg, here are celebrities who own a copy.

1. While meeting Narendra Modi, Vikas felt a sense of accomplishment.


2. He presented it to the Clintons, on Dussehra, 2015.


3. He felt really proud while meeting Dalai Lama.


4. He pledges to bring India to the world, one festival at a time.


5. He also gave it to Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-Moon.


6. Pope Francis said that, “UTSAV has the beautiful heart of India”.


7. Vikas confessed that Shah Rukh Khan inspired him every day.


8. With Joe Biden, he had a surreal experience because Biden thanked him for contributing so much to America and for sharing India.


9. He gifted a copy to Amitabh Bachchan, also.


10. And to Shri Dinesh K. Patnaik, High Commissioner, London.


11. Of course, to Mark Zuckerberg, too.


12. He presented a copy to the Obamas, as well.

Wow! We are so impressed by Vikas’s achievements and wish every day is an ‘ustav’ for him.

Image Source: Facebook