Video Shows 2 Dogs Dressed As Desi Bride & Groom Complete With Jhumke, Varmala & Sindoor

Social media can be a treasure trove of bizarre videos that amuse us round the clock. Right from the adorable godh bharai of a beloved doggo, to the time desis tweeted innumerable pictures of their dogs sporting bindis. This time, it’s a dramatic clip of two pooches who appear to be wed. And it is just more proof of the fact that people love dressing up man’s best friend!

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A Labrador and what appears to be a German Shepherd are seen sitting next to each other like newlyweds on stage. The bizarre part is that the two dogs are dressed just like an Indian bride and groom. Here’s a look at the video-


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The video that has now been widely shared online shows what seems to be the female dog sporting a bindi on her forehead. She’s also wearing a wig and sparkly jhumkas. This ‘bride’ is wearing a dupatta like a ghoongat; while her groom is seen wearing a pagdi. The male doggo also has a garland and other festive accessories around his neck.

Do you think the animals enjoyed being dressed up? Or was the photo-shoot cumbersome and cruel? Tell us.

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