Autowala Changes Tyre By Tilting Moving Vehicle Full On ‘James Bond’ Style

As if auto rides through busy roads weren’t dangerous enough, a bizarre video of an autowala dangerously changing tyres will make you pray never to land on the back-seat of a vehicle with a driver like him.

Business tycoon Harsh Goenka recently shared a video of a Sri Lankan autowala tilting his auto and changing the tyre, all the while the vehicle was in motion on just two wheels!

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According to sources, the driver removes the tyre and is handed a new one by another man sitting in another auto. Both the autos were in motion the entire time.

“I’ve seen a lot of tyres being changed…….but this one is James Bond style!”, Harsh Goenka wrote.

Watch the video here:

Needless to say that the video has left the internet divided. There are some who are completely wow-ed by the stunt and the driver’s excellent control over the vehicle, while others claim that the driver has put his own as well as the life of others in danger.

This has increased my fear of auto-rides by 10 times!