Unable To Pay School Fees, MP Girl Steals A Phone; Victim Tracks Her Down & Helps Her Out

We have come across many incidents of theft, but some stories give us a glimpse into the minds and conditions of the people who resort to stealing. For instance, 2 Pakistan robbers returned a stolen package and hugged the delivery guy after he broke down, or how a guilt-ridden ketchup thief returned the stolen bottle with an apology note.

As per a report in TOI, a 16-year old Indore girl stole an expensive mobile phone on August 2, 2020, in an act of desperation. She went on to mortgage it for Rs. 2,500 to pay her school fees. She was a keen student who had scored 71% in her class XI examinations, but her parents couldn’t afford to pay for the school’s next session.

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Mirror Now News reports that the victim was a man named Dheeraj Dubey who works as a private detective and runs a detective agency in the city. He had approached the Dwarkapuri Police Station to report the matter, but the police failed to get any leads on the case. He says, “I decided to investigate it myself.”

He went on to retrace his movements he undertook that day and came to the conclusion that the phone was stolen from his residence itself. He made a list of all the people who had visited his home that day and narrowed down to a woman and her school-going daughter.

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Upon questioning them, he found out that the woman’s husband was not keeping well and the family had exhausted their savings in all his medical expenditures. Recalling his conversation with the little girl, Dubey said,¬†“I spoke to her, gently. She said she had scored 71% and wanted to study. But she was trembling and couldn’t make eye contact with me,” he said.

Upon further asking her if she had stolen the phone, and if he should talk to her father about it, the girl broke into tears. She admitted her theft and mentioned how her friend helped to mortgage the phone for Rs. 2,500. She even showed Dubey her fee receipt as proof.

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Reportedly, the girl had not sold off the mobile directly as she wanted to return the phone to him after completing her studies and securing a job. Dubey was moved upon hearing this and gave her Rs. 2,500 and some additional money to fully pay the remaining school fee. He retrieved his phone and decided not to go ahead with a police complaint against her.

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