Victims, Fellow Comedians Speak Up Against Utsav Chakraborty, His ‘Apology’ Fails Miserably

Yesterday was a dark day for the standup community of India. And yet, for women, a day that proved how powerful an impact their speaking up about sexual harassment can have. A single woman’s voice, fuelled by the courage of other women, and an explosive Twitter thread managed to bring the alleged ugly reality of comedian and YouTuber Utsav Chakraborty before everyone else.

In her Twitter thread, the woman accused Utsav Chakraborty of sending sexually explicit messages to minors and unsolicited dick pics to several girls.

Utsav being a former All India Bakchod (AIB) employee, their official Twitter account issued an official statement about the same.

Several of Utsav’s fellow comedians condemned his actions and expressed their shame over what had gone on in their community, unchecked, and in some instances voluntarily ignored.

The woman responsible for the original thread continued to share more and more screenshots from other women coming forward with their stories about Utsav.

In yet another shocking revelation, fellow comedian and a one-time friend of Utsav’s, Abhishek Upamanyu, also penned a Twitter thread, where he stated that he, Kunal Kamra, and a few other comedians knew of Utsav’s indecencies.

In his tweets, Upamanyu revealed that Kunal Kamra had informed him about Utsav sending a dick pic to the same woman who wrote the Twitter thread.

According to Upamanyu, Utsav even tried to make indecent assumptions about female comedians.

Upamanyu mentioned how despite Utsav’s behaviour being an open secret in the comedy circuit, he still managed to get gigs because ‘he was funny’.

He called out how Utsav managed to exploit ‘feminism’ in his public persona, while in private, he was the stark opposite of what it stands for.

Rohan Desai (@MautKaPashinda), who was mentioned in Upamanyu’s tweets above as one of those who knew about Utsav, also apologised for keeping mum about it for all this time.

He confirmed Upamanyu’s thread as true and also mentioned that he no longer has any ties to Utsav.

The disgraced comedian in question, Utsav Chakraborty, had issued a rather vague statement about coming up with a clarification and some context to his actions, without discrediting any of the women who had spoken up against him.

The above statement gave some people hope that maybe, just maybe for a change, a perp would apologise for his alleged crimes and finally show some respect to the women he had previously wronged.

Alas, what Utsav finally came up with as ‘context’ was BULLSHIT; his ‘clarification’ spanning some 25+ tweets was LAME; and the word ‘sorry’ was as absent from his words as sense was absent from Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet.

In hindsight, a lot of people thought that the only genuine thing about this thread was the very first line. That’s it. That’s where Utsav should have stopped, and maybe added a ‘sorry’.

But I get ahead of myself. Please, please read the rest of this thread which serves as a pathetic reminder of who men like to play the victim card.

“I would think that the world has shortchanged me.”

Perhaps, the most vile part of this ‘apology’ was how Utsav used his ‘illness’ to justify his actions. It sounded a lot like those memes that say “Excuse me for everything I do or so when I am hungry.”

“To use my illness as a crutch is stupid. But it’s not like it’s not relevant to this whole debacle.”

His explanation for the imaginary rainbows-and-unicorns reality he had built in his head is probably funnier than his jokes.

‘Painkiller haze’ made me do it—that’s what he said. I kid you not.

He then digressed to give us more context on some of his previous tweets, from back when he was @satanbhagat.

“I was an asshole and proud of it.”

The point to this digression was finally clear: He tried to very subtly state that the people he might have offended in the past could be trying to jump on the current bandwagon and malign him some more.

He has also denied sexting minors.

Another genius piece of reasoning: A few positive responses made him generalise that every woman was okay with such behaviour.

“Some nice people did send me nudes and I started assuming that everyone was that forthcoming and open to sexting.”

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“Not fully there as a person….”

So nice of him to admitted that he was a ‘monster’ here.

Basically, in his epic fail of an apology, Utsav managed to blame everything and everyone—Snapchat, his illness, and ‘nice people who send nudes willingly’—except himself.

Utsav’s pathetic excuse for an apology invoked the wrath of the Internet even more. His justification was trashed for not even including so much as a sorry even once.


Another skeleton tumbled from the closet.

As Radhika Vaz and actress Amrita Puri called it, a ‘moronic’ explanation that just needs to STOP.

This micro thread that made a very important point.

The can of worms that opened for Utsav was instrumental in opening another one, this time for social media personality Anurag Verma or @kitanurag. Three women came forth to share their stories of his indecent behaviour with them.

In response, Anurag too had a ‘clarification’ for the women he had managed to harass. We can add this one to the list of failed attempts to justify as well.

The above revelations give us a lot to think about. Who are these people that we follow or idolise on social media? They’re celebrities in their own right, so does that make them think they can get away with anything? Also, rather than owning up to their mistake crime, they dare to blame it on an illness? Why, if you had even the slightest inkling that you might be doing something wrong, did you not seek help?

Women are often ridiculed for acting the way they do when PMSing. A woman who was absolved of a murder charge because of a rare PMS was mocked incessantly on social media. So then why do men think that being under the influence of painkillers, alcohol, drugs or mental health issues can absolve them of their behaviour?

Most importantly, why do men think women need their justification? Especially, when they’ve done such a botched up job of it. There’s no saving this ship from sinking, because the very life jacket has loopholes in it.

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