UPSC Aspirant Gives Hilarious Ultimatum To Girl Not Responding To Texts, Officers React

If you ever have extra time on your hands and have absolutely nothing better to do, please consider checking your ‘other’ messages folder on social media. It is a landmine of both hilarious texts and unsolicited comments. But turns out, an IAS Officer found an example of the former.

Taking to Twitter, IAS officer Jitin Yadav shared a screenshot of a couple of texts sent by a self-proclaimed UPSC aspirate to what seems like a woman. While we are not sure who the original receiver of these texts are, the screenshot is being circulated online in which the guy says his usual Hi and Hello but doesn’t get any reply.

Representational image

Finally, he says, “UPSC aspirant hai. Ek bar clear ho jayega toh khud message karogi tum.”

Have a look:

A few other Indian officers and people online responded to the tweet. Their question – UPSC clear karne ke baad time kaha milega?

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Clearly, the guy doesn’t know about the barrage of official duties officers have to carry out every day!

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