Women Are Sending Screenshots Of Inappropriate Texts To The Harasser’s Family & Friends


What does one do if we get unsolicited, inappropriate messages on social media? Ignore, delete, and repeat? Well, some people are no longer staying silent about this form of online harassment. Earlier, a girl found out the contact details of her harasser’s school and e-mailed them screenshots of the texts he had sent her. Now, many are doing the same by informing the guy’s family and friends about the incident.

#1. The girl contacted the guy’s friend who offered to inform his strict father.

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#2. Another found the harasser’s wife and messaged her.

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#3. Shared screenshots on unwanted comments online resulting in an apology.

#4. Called him out on his inappropriate behaviour.

People are lauding these courageous women for standing up for themselves and shaming their harassers. Take a look.

How do you deal with creeps online? Tell us!

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