UP Man Lies About Clearing UPSC Exam, Creates Fake News Article To Trick Woman Into Marriage

It is usually said that men can go above and beyond for the women they love. Move mountains, bring a piece of the moon, cross oceans and what not. But what a lot of people fail to register is that that’s not always a good thing. Here’s what I’m talking about.

A 22-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh named Vijay Singh tricked a woman into marriage after claiming that he cleared UPSC 2023 Mains and is waiting for the interview. He even got a fake newspaper article published to back his claim, reported Moneycontrol.

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Blinded by his deception, the woman, who worked as a police constable, got married to him. However, after their marriage, the man got physically and mentally abusive towards his wife after his web of lies began to unravel and she realised that he lied about clearing the UPSC exams.

She went on to file a complaint against him and the man was arrested. He has been charged with assault, cruelty by husband, cheating, and forgery.

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“Singh, hailing from Gonda, reportedly lured the constable into marriage by crafting a web of deceit. He fabricated the documents to convince her of his supposed UPSC success, even creating a fake newspaper report announcing his achievement. Blinded by his elaborate deception, the constable agreed to marry him in 2023,” said DCP Central Zone, Raveena Tyagi.

Some people would go to any length besides studying and qualifying for an exam.

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