UP Man Fined ₹1000 For Driving Audi Without Helmet, Starts Wearing Helmet While Driving

In India, traffic rules can sometimes be quite amusing. Imagine getting fined for driving your car without a helmet! Yes, that’s right. Drivers are stopped by traffic cops and asked, “Where’s your helmet?” Even though they are in cars, the rule is enforced. Now, many people drive their cars with helmets on, looking like race car drivers going grocery shopping.

This is exactly what happened in Uttar Pradesh. Bahadur Singh Parihar, who heads a local truckers’ union, was fined Rs 1,000 for driving an Audi car without a helmet, reported Indian Express.

Parihar received a message from the police informing him about the fine. After he checked online, he found that it alleged he was riding a two-wheeler without a helmet. They even attached a picture. But it wasn’t him, because he was driving a four-wheeler, not a two-wheeler, all this while. The vehicle type was mentioned as ‘Motor car’.

However, Parihar now drives his Audi wearing a helmet because he doesn’t want to get fined again!

“The traffic police challan-ed me for driving my car without a helmet. I am having to drive my car wearing one; what if they issue a challan again?” he said.

Here’s a video of him:

It’s a comical sight, but hey, safety first! 😛

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