In A Welcome Move, Uttar Pradesh Bus Stations To Have Breastfeeding Cubicles For Mothers Soon!

Breastfeeding is practically nothing but babies having a meal in public! And that’s what we adults do on any normal day! But young mothers have been shamed and criticized for feeding their infants in public. Well, all that’s changing since people have tried hard to spread awareness about normalizing breastfeeding in public.

And finally, their efforts have begun to bring a change in society with Uttar Pradesh at the forefront!

After installing breastfeeding cubicles at Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh has decided to move one step ahead by constructing more such cubicles at several bus stations in the state.

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UPSRTC Managing Director, Raj Shekhar said in a statement, “The need and requirement were very much felt by the UPSRTC in the last few years. Now looking into the importance and the requirement of this, the UPSRTC board has approved the project of setting up of Breast-Feeding Cubicles/Kiosks (Baby Feeding Cubicles) in each bus station of UPSRTC.”

Accordingly, under a public-private partnership, the government is planning to construct these cubicles in 23 out of the 242 bus stations in UP in its first phase. In a span of 3 months, the remaining bus stations will reportedly be covered as well. A grant of Rs. 2.5 crore has been released by UPSRTC for the same, reports India Today.

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Lightweight stainless steel material that’s easy to transport and assemble will be used in making the cubicles. They will have a 40×40 mm dimension, grouted with 8mm thick support plate. The cubicles will be spacious enough for breastfeeding and changing the diapers of babies.

We hope this venture helps eliminate the taboo of breastfeeding in public and helps mothers avoid the embarrassment and stares that she experiences while feeding her hungry child on the go!

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