Unlock Memes Trend Online As States Announce Plans To Unlock After Second Wave Of Covid

After almost a year of fighting with the deadly coronavirus, we came back to square one with India witnessing a rapid surge in the number of covid cases this year. The second wave of pandemic that came in several countries was considered even more fatal and devastating.

Hence, several Indian states announced lockdown or multiple restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. And thankfully, these restrictions have been found effective with the number of cases gradually reducing, reported Hindustan Times.

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Therefore, now the authorities have been looking into unlocking some states and easing the restrictions levied on its citizens. According to DNA, markets, malls, and offices in Delhi reopened from today after being shut for one-and-half months. Maharashtra had put in place a five-phased plan to unlock the state from today.

However, the unlocking of states has kept memers busy with internet flooding with #unlock jokes and memes. Take a look:

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Having said that, several states like Haryana, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha have extended the lockdown with some relaxation.

Do you think it was about time to unlock the country? Let us know.

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