13 Unique Traits Of Arnab Goswami That ‘The Nation Wants To Know’

Gone are those good old days when we could watch the entire news of the nation between 9 to 10.

Arnab Goswami is a person who vents the nation’s anger from 9 pm onwards, every day. Well, it’s a name which I was totally unaware of, until even a few years back, when I actually started following his ‘debate’.

This guy is unique. Love him or hate him, but you cannot deny the fact that he has completely redefined the evening ‘talk show’, turning a simple debate into something more exuberant, colourful and noisy.

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I think it’s fair to say that anything and everything Arnab Goswami does go viral. But sadly, his show has become more of a Hindi Masala film, where you know what will happen at the end.

So, let’s see what makes Arnab Goswami, (strangely enough) the global icon that he is today.

1. He is useless if you want to debate whether biriyani is better than dosa. However, if you want to debate on any national scandal, he is the one calling a spade as a spade.

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2. If you want to see some magic in front of your eyes, switch on your TV and tune into his show. The volume of your television will automatically increase with this man on screen.

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At least, I won’t be surprised if I bump into an Arnab fan with hearing impairment after a few years.


3. Sometimes you will find him so angry that you can easily spot a resemblance between him and Angry Birds.

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4. His show is just a ‘meme show’, which just appeals to tamasha watchers, not for people who are interested in a genuine debate.

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5. He treats everyone with equal unfairness because IT’S ENTERTAINMENT, PEOPLE!

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6. Arnab Goswami loves to interrupt because he has mastered the art of interruption. At the same time, he strengthens his views by offering other panelists who support his view uninterrupted time to talk.

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7. He is inversely proportional to Manmohan Singh and every time he makes sure you lose your cool.

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8. His debate show, usually, is nothing but a one-way traffic because Mr. Anchor makes sure that his ‘opponent’ gets lost in the noise raised by him.

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9. Arnab Goswami and only Arnab Goswami has a copyright on being repetitive. One minute! Please! One minute! Let me finish!

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10. His million-dollar sarcastic smile actually steals half of the show and portrays the other person as a fool.

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11. Not only is he an actor, an analyzer, and a diplomat. He is also an entertainer of a different level.

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12. But he taught us one very important thing, which is how you can he heard even when your argument is not so strong.

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13. Last but not the least…Who is this nation-that-wants-to-know?

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It’s less of a debate and more of a saas-bahu serial. The issues that he talks about are important. But I believe the format of his show is not.

Nobody messes with Arnab.

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