2 UK MPs Attend Oath-Taking Ceremony With Their Newborns Strapped To Them

Motherhood is no piece of cake, especially for working moms. Women juggle work, babies, and looking after the household as if they were born pros in multitasking! Recently, we saw a volleyball player from Mizoram breastfeeding her baby during half-time. That’s the thing about mothers – their duty towards their kids is of utmost priority, even when they are MPs and are at the parliament!

According to a report by Mail Online, two UK MPs brought their newborns to the parliament for their oath-taking ceremony. Labour MP Stella Creasy and Kemi Badenoch, the Tory education minister and MP for Saffron Walden, were sworn in while they had their babies strapped to themselves.

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MP Stella Creasy has been a firm advocate of the need for the parliament to be more “family-friendly” after two consecutive miscarriages.

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Both women were on maternity leave but had to visit the parliament in person to take the oath. Until the oath is taken, MPs do not receive salaries, cannot take their seats, participate in a debate, or even vote, reveals Metro UK.

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It is great to see workplaces being more sensitive to new mothers and inclining towards a more family-friendly atmosphere.

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