Woman On Honeymoon Files For Divorce From Gold-Digger Husband In Abu Dhabi

A UAE woman has filed for divorce from her husband on account for his miserly attitude. The newly married woman has accused him of not spending a penny on their wedding and making her pay all the bills including that of water and electricity.

The woman has filed a case in the Personal Status Chamber at Abu Dhabi court accusing her husband of being a ‘cheap man’. She told the court that her husband, who is 13 years younger than her told her that he has lost all his personal documents. He made her register all the bills, also that of grocery under her name.

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The bills for everything bought for their home including the furniture were paid by the woman single-handedly.

She claimed that even after doing so much, her husband would not treat her well and neglected her. So she finally decided to part ways and filed for divorce from him owing to his close-fisted nature.

The Arab woman also offered to waive off all her rights related to the marriage to get rid of her husband, reported Khaleej Times.

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Money is certainly one of the most disputable topics in marriage. If only one partner in the relationship whether man or woman is subjected to take care of all the expenditures alone, chances are that things might turn ugly. And that’s what has happened here!

Neither spouse should seek to take advantage and instead make it a mutual partnership both emotionally and fiscally.

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