Twinkle Asked Twitter’s Help In Confronting A Passenger With Smelly Feet And Got EPIC Replies

Twinkle Khanna is the queen of Twitter. The sassy actor turned writer has an opinion on everything and boy, she does know how to make a point. When she is not busy writing, she is often tweeting and her Twitter profile is a laugh riot!

Twinkle, who is on a Euro tour, recently took to Twitter to share her dilemma. While she was flying, her co-passenger had rather smelly socks. Unable to help herself, she asked the kind folks of Twitter for some help.

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And Twitter did not disappoint. Her timeline was flooded with innumerable suggestions. Twinkle also took the time out to reply to a few! From funny to serious, useful to not so useful. We have picked out the best for you!

 1. Actor Parineeti Chopra had this to say, but it was Twinkle’s reply that took the cake!


2.  Mrs Funnybones to Mrs Angrybones?


3. Tried, tested and failed!


4. I would have done that!


5. Another FRIENDS’ reference! *laughing thinking about that scene*


6.  Medical emergency always works!

Sadly, not in this case…


7. Only if it were that simple!


8. Where is Mr Khiladi when you need him?


9. This should do the trick!


10. Yoga solves everything!

We don’t know if any of the suggestions given by these were helpful but we sincerely hope that Twinkle’s smelly yet funny situation was sorted.

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