14 Reasons To Take That Trip You’ve Been Planning With Your Best Friends

Our best and closest friends know sides of us that even our parents are unaware of. Now that we’re all away from each other, living our stressful lives and building them to our own ideas of perfection, there’s nothing that sounds more peaceful than taking some time off and heading back to being carefree and crazy, with our friends by our sides.

Here’s why you should pack your bags right now, and go take a trip with your best friends.

1. The level of excitement when all your friends are finally available for the trip is beyond high

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After months of trying to get a date when everyone is free. Yay!


2. Your friends are always up for adventure and risks that makes the trip all the more awesome

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3. Road trips with friends become an incredibly fun journey

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You can play all your favourite music loud in your car, unlike what you’d do with the others around.


4. Your budget will remain in control

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Thanks to the ‘going dutch’ rule. 😀


5. You can experiment with all kinds of ridiculous poses without feeling weird about it

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It’s even more fun when people around you are laughing at your weirdness!


6. There are less differences in opinions since there is no major generation gap

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7. Your experiences will be very different, especially if it’s a detour on an otherwise planned journey

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You never really know what you might end up doing.  😛


8. There are special group activities designed for friends that you can sign up for

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Trekking, rafting, camping, and other interesting stuff for you and your friends.


9.  You can enjoy the night life of your destination to the fullest

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And do some crazy things while you’re at it. 😉


10. You get to see sides of your friends that you hadn’t seen before

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You can see the difference, now that you have all grown up.


11. It is a wonderful way of reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen in a long time

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There’s lots of joking around, fun, and memories being made.


12. Talking to them will push you to evaluate where your life is heading

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And you might end up making some major life decisions on your way back.


13. And finally, knowing that even though you might feel stuck with a mundane life, you’ll have friends who can bring back all the silliness

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Because friends that struggle together, stay together. 🙂


14. So go ahead, call up your friends, pack your bags & travel the world. While you are at it, use your MasterCard for all sorts of bookings and get a chance to win tickets to the Grammys in L.A.


In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

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