Fliers Wrap Drunk Man In Cellophane After He Tries To Kick Open The Flight Door Mid-air

We have come across several in-flight sagas and crew-passenger dramas that have blown our minds. Remember the lady who smashed her boyfriend with a laptop for looking at other women? Or the pilot who refused to fly without his favourite female co-pilot? Well, if you thought that you have seen it all, then you are wrong my friend. The passengers on board this flight bound to Phuket witnessed three bizarre incidents all involving ‘rowdy’ passengers trying to attempt some crazy stunts mid-air.

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To the horror of co-passengers, this male passenger who was allegedly drunk attempted to open the door when the flight was at 33,000 feet. A video that recorded the entire incident shows a passenger explaining the ‘bizarre occurrence.’

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Russian TV reporter, Elena Demidova, who was also on the plane explains in the video how the ‘fasten your seatbelts’ signal was switched on when the flight was at 33,000 feet. The captain then revealed that a passenger in the rear of the plane was ‘drunk and rowdy’ and was ‘attempting to open the main door of the flight.’ After the flight crew tried and failed to restrain the inebriated passenger, Metro reports that an announcement was made asking passengers if they had any “plastic food wrap.”

According to the female passenger, “A doctor tried to calm him. Then tougher measures were taken. They tried to use plastic food wrap to tie him,” she added. Seven passengers also jumped in to pin him down in the aisle and wrap him in cling film but nothing helped. The Boeing 777 was eventually diverted to Uzbekistan where he was handed over to police. But it didn’t stop here.

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The Indian Express reported that two other drunken men started creating a ruckus and got into a brawl who then had to be separated by the cabin crew. The eventful flight then took a new turn when a third man was caught smoking in the toilet of the aircraft.

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All three men were arrested by the Thai police when the plane arrived in Thailand. Well, that was one hell of a flight. Looks like the passengers counted their blessings upon safely landing in Thailand. Bet they’ll never say air travel can be boring!

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