Jealous Girlfriend Smashes Laptop On Boyfriend’s Head For ‘Looking At Another Woman’ On Flight

Do you know what’s worse than missing a flight you booked last minute? An angry partner, we would say. And when they are pissed at you for cheating on them, you better count your blessings.

A man was taken to task by her possessive girlfriend who accused him of ‘looking at another woman’. The jealous woman couldn’t take his man eyeing at another woman on the flight they were travelling and decided to out her rage at him.

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A verbal spat between them soon turned ugly and the girlfriend thrashed the man with a laptop in the sight of a plane full of passengers.

The entire incident was captured and took only a few moments to go viral:

Reportedly, the incident took place on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles. The woman was seen yelling at her boyfriend for a couple of minutes in a fully boarded plane before he decided to move out of his seat saying, “You’re assaulting me.”

She then chased him down the aisle and smashed the laptop on her boyfriend’s head. The woman was too enraged to listen to any of the air hostesses who tried to calm her down.

The co-passengers were equally terrified to see this ugly sight and screamed in horror when the boyfriend was hit by her. The woman was informed that she can be charged with physical assault but little did she care.

Eventually, the couple were deboarded from the aircraft to ensure that the other passengers have a peaceful and comfortable flight.

The video was shared on Twitter from different angles by people boarded on the same flight:

She must be too frustrated to realise they were causing inconvenience to other co-passengers.