This Millionaire Will Pay You ₹4Lakh To Go To Music Festivals With Him Across Europe!

Who doesn’t dream about going to amazing festivals and music concerts all around the world? But when it comes to ‘actually-going’ part, our empty pockets bring us back to reality. So, how about a job that will PAY YOU to attend these amazeball concerts all across Europe.

And by paid we don’t mean a basic ‘minimum wage’ allowance, but a Grand amount of £5000 (roughly 4.3 Lakh Rupees) – per concert. So are you ready to be a “festival concierge”? Because, if you’re someone who loves music, and if you meet certain requirements, there’s a perfect gig – just for you.

An anonymous millionaire has set out on a quest to find the most authentic experience of music concerts and festivals possible – while still holding on to his usual luxury.

Your job as a “Luxury Concierge” would be to attend some the biggest festivals, while assisting the millionaire. You’ll be expected to help set up the tent, buy camping supplies and help ensure the millionaire has a great experience. It’s a great opportunity for both the millionaire and you!

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The millionaire came in contact with the Luxury Lifestyle website, where he told them that he has never been to a festival and said he feels like he is missing out. “Festivals can be both a daunting and exhilarating experience for first-timers,” says the team behind the website, “Having a festival concierge is a great way of navigating the festival safely while also enjoying an authentic experience.”

So, the company set up an ad for the millionaire to find someone with whom he can enjoy the best festivals throughout 2019 Europe has to offer – along with earning £5000 (roughly 4.3 Lakh Rupees) for each festival you attend.

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You might be thinking, “This is too good to be true. What’s the catch, here?” So, here it is. Apart from buying the camping supplies and setting them up, he’s also looking for someone who can get backstage access for two.

So, along with the spirit to attend the festivals, you also need to have contacts that could slide the two of you backstage with minimum efforts. So, what do you think? Do you have what it takes? Then get your applications ready, who knows, you might land your dream job!

(P.S. – If you do, write to us all about it. We’d be curious!)

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