22 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 40


Time runs fast and along with time, we all have mastered the art of matching the fast pace. There are ‘n’ number of “to do” things on our wishlist, and somehow we all manage to procrastinate. It’s high time we do all that we wish to do, because it’s just one small life that we have.

Here are the things you must do at the first chance you get. We promise, at the age of 40, these things will keep you from feeling guilty of not doing what you should have done.

1.  Go, buy that dress, while you are in the right size

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 2. Eat all that tempts you. Once diabetes, BP, and cholesterol creeps in life will be tasteless

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3. Take that trip you’re planning to since forever; cuz there’s an end to every forever

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4. Patch up with your best friend

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Life without your best friend won’t be as fun as it deserves to be!


5. Bunk lectures; memories with friends will last a lifetime, lectures and notes won’t;

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6. Dance; while you don’t need a stick to walk

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Million ways to express your happiness will make you feel nothing but ecstatic.


7. Learn how to sing; a good singer looks hot even when he/she is asleep

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8. Exercise

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People who exercise regularly are happier and fun to be around. Also, to live a healthy life is a great way to live.


9. Go sky diving now! A fat belly later might just come in your way of diving

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10. Road Trip? Sounds awesome, right? well, it feels epic! Also you never know when the petrol price might just shoot up 😉

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11. Bungee Jump. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body. Don’t just look young; feel young while you can

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12. Dive deep in the ocean and embrace nature’s beauty

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Scuba Dive and make some new fishy friends!


13. Live the life of a bird. Go paragliding.

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To discover the true beauty of world, it should be seen from different angles


14. Chose a career for yourself

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Don’t let others decide what you should be. They don’t know you as much as you know yourself


15. Get your dream job; the last thing you want to do is get stuck in a rut, run the rat race and regret

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16. Get out of your comfort zone and work hard towards what you want. This is the time your body and health will support you

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17. Buy your dream car and learn to drive

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There is no true pride in dancing on the tunes of local trains to reach some place


18. Take chances to better your life while you don’t have any responsibility

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This is the perfect time to take risks and do what you love.
Make decisions based on your gut feelings. Be a selective listener, listen to your inner voice.


 19. Stop paying rents, start paying installments. Own a house. Live in your home

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20. Start saving money. Future is uncertain and salaries are good while you are young

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Old is gold, but it’s mostly kept in lockers!


21. Appreciate the efforts of your parents and feel responsible towards them

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Life is about give and take, not just take take!


22. Confess your love before it’s too late

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 Grow old with your significant half and look back at the things that you did when the time was right.

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