15 Crazy Things We Can Do Only Around Our Closest Friends

over-photo new close friend

To have a close friend, is to have no fault in our stars. They can be our confidant and our inspiration. They are that comforting space where we can completely be our true self. We can tell them anything and everything that happens in our life. They are the first ones to cross our mind when something major happens. We don’t know what the words like “shy”, “embarrassment” and “shame” mean when they are around.

Here is a list of things that we do and never feel shy or embarrassed about, when around them.

1. Speak in secret code language to bitch about the person standing two steps ahead

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Because gossiping about that person at that very moment is really important.


2. Sit beside them in their house while they work on our project

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Munch on snacks and stare at them while they work.


3. Crack potty jokes and discuss about all the gross things that exists on our planet

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Because potty jokes are not less important than discussing rocket science.


4. Tell them our wildest fantasy like it’s an absolute normal thing

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Who’s going to judge us?


5. Discuss girls, guys, dogs, turtles, zombies, maids anything and everything

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Only they know how opinionated we can be about everyone. And so are they!


6. Change clothes in front of each other like a boss

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Shame, what’s that?


7. Hug and kiss them to irritate them, while they are in the midst of something

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Uh! Go away.


8. Sing in the most horrible voice and make them sing along

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We could be the next Indian Idols!


9. Burp and fart in front of them like we are singing from our mouth and bum!

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Dude, how about a burp fight?


10. Eat from their plate when we finish ours

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Umm… my burger was better than yours, but I am hungry so, I will eat yours anyway.


11. Do all the firsts together

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1st beer, 1st cigarette, 1st driving session.


12. Do the secret dance on every happy occasion

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Only they know how to celebrate happiness in our unique way.


13. Click the craziest of selfies just to make people jealous

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Secretly it feels great to know that people envy our friendship.


14. Have secret emotional talk session

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Opening up to them when we are low comes naturally.


15. One simple look at each other and everything is understood

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Because we don’t need words to express what is up, just the silence is enough.

Our close friends know the best and worst sides of us and accept us anyway. That’s all that we need to feel comfortable in our skin, right?

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