Men Reveal Things They Wish They Could Tell Their Wives But Don’t Fearing It’ll Ruin Everything

When you start living with a person 24×7, you will discover a couple of things that annoy you about them. You might even discover things that you absolutely hate about them. And if you are married and have kids, it might be difficult to break the relationship and move out.

Speaking of which, men on Reddit under the subreddit r/AskMen have been sharing things about their wives that they find insufferable but they don’t reveal it to them because it might ruin the relationship.

What do you want to tell your wife, but it would ruin everything? from AskMen

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Now, there are things like not liking her cooking or her speaking in a baby’s voice, or even her being disorganized. That’s casual and can be dealt with. But some men revealed serious issues like their wives adding immense stress into their lives, them cheating, or them just being terrible wives.

Have a look:

1. When even the little things start to drive you nuts.

2. When she is materialistic.

3. Her constant complaints.

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4. When she is a terrible cook but you’re afraid to say so.

5. When she talks while watching the TV.

6. When she loves you but is not attracted to you anymore.

7. When she nags about money, even when times are tight.

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8. Her weird food choices drive you nuts.

9. When you know she is worth so much more but she isn’t just trying hard enough.

10. When you’re stuck in an unhappy marriage just because of the kids.

11. When she is just not a good human being.

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12. Baby talk – not sexy.

13. When she puts no effort into sustaining the relationship.

14. You know her job is draining her but you don’t want to break her heart.

15. She cheated and you know.

16. After there is no love left in the marriage.

Imagine the kind of stress and unhappiness there is in a person’s life who is stuck in an unhappy relationship but can’t get out of it. *Sigh*

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