Here’s How You Can Make Your Travel Into An Adventure And That Too In A Budget!

Travel and adventure are two different things. But if you mix both of them together when you visit a country, be rest assured you will end up having so much fun, you might just need another vacation after it!

Thailand is a beautiful country. It has the urban as well as the natural jungles – both accessible for you to travel freely. And it is one of the few South East Asian countries that are budget friendly. You will not get ripped off just for the sake of enjoyment and exploration.

Furthermore, you can choose a wide variety of things to do in Thailand that will make your vacation no less than the most memorable one –

1. Take part in Wakeboarding at Taco Lake in Bang Na. Pay only Rs. 500 for 2 hours.

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And for just Rs. 1000, you can wakeboard the whole day! Unlike classic wakeboarding, in Thailand, you will be pulled by cables.

The attraction is very popular among the tourists and the locals alike. And it does not take long for you to get a hang of it!


2. Deep Water Soloing in Tonsai/Railay to know what it feels like dropping from 50 feet into clear blue water for just Rs. 1,500.

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What is deep water soloing?

  • Climb the cliff without any harness. Just below the cliff is the sea.
  • If you fall, you fall into the sea. Be it a 10-foot drop or a 100 foot one.

That’s it. Have fun!


3. Play bubble football in Bangkok because bumping cars at theme parks are just too mainstream now. It just costs Rs. 1,900.

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If you thought zorbing is too extreme, you can just pop into a mini-zorb ball and go at your friends in a soccer match! The fun part of this fusion game is that you will never get hurt because of the huge zorb ball around you.

And not just football, you can take part in sumo wrestling, foot racing and even human bowling wearing these zorb balls. Please keep in mind that this becomes much more fun when you take your friends to play together with you.

But you will fall down. A LOT OF TIMES!


4. If kayaking on rivers and rapids is too expensive for you, pair up with your partner and explore by Sea Kayaking in Khao Suk, Trang, and Tarutao. It just costs Rs. 5,000.

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If you are one of those peace-loving people who wants to just sail into the ocean but not really, you can just plop into a kayak and row on the ocean!

Peaceful and scenic, it is the best option to soak in the beauty of Thailand at budget prices.


5. Zip lining through the Chiang Mai rainforests. Thailand has one of the longest zip lines in the world which takes 3 HOURS to finish. Cost? Just Rs. 6,000.

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This is one ride you just cannot miss. If trekking through raw forests is not your deal, you can literally zip line through them in Thailand!

Chiang Mai has the longest zip line in Asia. It lasts all of 3 hours! That’s 3 hours of zooming through raw green forests! Imagine that!


6. For just Rs. 850 you can enjoy a game of paintball in Bangkok.

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They give you full equipment and 100 paint pellets to start off with. And then fire away at your friends without fearing anything. But it can get a bit difficult because the whole paintball arena looks like a CounterStrike map, replete with low and sloping walls everywhere.

It’s like Holi, but painful and in Thailand.


7. Go and learn Muay Thai and get fit in one of the many gyms in Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya.

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You want to be fit and fighting fit at that? What better place to learn some serious self-defense than Thailand. If you really want to make your trip productive, enroll for classes in one of the many gyms in Thailand.

They have flexible courses so you can enroll for a week-long course or even a one-day course.

They are so effective that one tourist got so fit that the airport officials could not recognize him through his passport photo!


8. If you want to surf safe, then go Surfing indoors in Bangkok. There’s no risk of drowning or being eaten by sharks! You just have to pay Rs. 1,400 for the whole day.

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It is not strictly indoors because the surfing centers look like no less than a water park! There are huge surf channels you can use where the water flow can be adjusted as per your expertise.

The surf simulators are the ideal attractions to go to when you do not have the option to surf some real waves!


9. Jungle trekking around Pai in the rainy season can be fantastic. And to top it, it is all free!

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Pai has trekking trails, waterfalls, and also hot springs where you can soak to relax your sore muscles. The local food is also excellent. It has been the top attraction for nature lovers for decades now.


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