Chess Star Tania Sachdev Asks Desis To Edit The Horse In Her Pic, They Hilariously Deliver

Dissatisfied with a photograph that was clicked of them, every now and then, you will find a person turn to social media to ask the good people online to edit their picture to remove an unwanted object or person. While there are certain helpful people who would do exactly as they are asked and will deliver a perfectly edited picture, there are the devil-minded lot who will turn the picture into something hilarious. The same happened with Indian chess star Tania Sachdev.

Tania Sachdev recently had a beautiful picture of herself clicked. In the background, there’s a statue of a horse and in the picture, it seems as though the horse is stepping on her head. So she asked people online to edit it in a way that it doesn’t look like the horse is stepping on her.

There were many who did exactly as they were asked. But there were plenty who came up with their own version of her picture and the results are hilarious! Have a look at some of those edited pictures:

So, if ever you plan on making people online edit your picture, be prepared for similar results!

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