Tamil Nadu Couple Gifted Petrol, Gas Cylinder & Onions As Wedding Gift By Relatives

Forget bedcovers and dinner sets, if you are a guest at a couple’s wedding, make sure you gift them something that’s useful. While the best gift hands-down is cash, there are also other things that might be of use to the couple.

For example, the relatives of one couple in Tamil Nadu who recently got hitched decided to gift them three very useful things – petrol, onions, and a gas cylinder. This especially comes after the price of petrol touched Rs 100 in our country while onions and gas cylinders were expensive anyway.

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A video of the incident has gone viral online. In the video, we see the relatives gifting a fuel-can filled with petrol, a gas cylinder, and onion garlands to the couple. The couple goes on to hang the garlands from their necks and posed with all the relatives for a picture, smiling widely.

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Have a look:

Many people online thought it was the most “precious” gift! Here’s what some of them said:

Waiting for other wedding guests to get inspiration from this!

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