This Sydney Street Is Christmas-Ready Already And The Pictures Are Making Us Go ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’

It’s December and it’s the season that is synonymous with festivities. Duh! It’s the Christmas month and it’s a yuge deal, guys. Festive wreaths, confetti, snow angels, candy canes, colourful lights, a huge-ass Christmas tree and decorations, and of course, Santa, what’s not to love about Christmas?

We are more than two weeks away from Jesus’s birthday, but all his children (us, guys) are super-psyched and already in the holiday mood. Take this Sydney Street for that matter, where it’s summer, BTW!

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Sydney’s George Street has been revamped and has re-opened its doors for the public. And, mahn, it looks so pretty. Not over-stating guys, have a look!

1. George St was closed off for vehicles in October, 2015 which the first time since 1900.

2. But, Christmas came early for them and they opened the doors for the residents.

3. In the daytime, it is so pretty, we can imagine what it looks like at night.

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4. Oh. MY. God!

5. Can I apply for an emergency VISA now?


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6. Cuteness has an embodiment, now!

7. During Christmas week, when it will be full of people, George Street would be an Instagrammable hotspot.

8. Which we totally think is, RN, by the way!

9. Imagining myself posing below that pretty-awesome arch!

10. Well, what happened to the inflated bow?

11. Against those clear blue skies, the Christmas-y things are looking fantabulous.

12. Bracing myself for more selfies to come from George St.

Well, well, well! Now, all we need is a Santa Claus roaming around the street, and ‘Ho! Ho! Ho! echoing in the air.

How pretty are these!?

*enters Christmas mode already, Christmas carols filling the air*