Boys Who Assaulted The Swiss Couple For Selfies, Confess Why They Did It: For No Reason

Foreigners have always been intrigued by the rich culture of India and this is why there is no dearth of them whenever we visit any monument in the country, which holds importance in the history of our diverse nation.

However, the tourism industry in India was forced to hang its head in shame recently, after a Swiss couple was attacked in Fatehpur Sikri by locals which led to them sustaining severe injuries including a cracked skull, numerous bruises and broken bones.

Fortunately, the attackers who assaulted Quentin Jeremy Clerc and Marie Droz were nabbed by the police after five days and include three minors and two adults. The reason that the accused have cited for the attack is spine-chilling to say the least.

One of the accused Mahendar (name changed because he is a minor) narrated the entire incident to Times Of India, beginning that they first saw them from a distance. He said,

“They were making some inquiries about Fatehpur which we didn’t understand properly. They were friendly. A little later we saw them getting intimate.

For no reason, Pankaj (who is 19 and one of the two adults arrested along with the three kids) started assaulting them. We joined in.”

Clerc had earlier told Times Of India that they were in no way getting intimate and were harassed by the goons for selfies especially with Marie, and when they refused to take them, the goons attacked them.

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The youngest among the accused, 13, who were arrested provided further details of the attack and disclosed that they did not mean to hurt the woman but when she tried to protect the man and started to fight back, that is when they hit her as well. He said,

“One of the stones thrown at them missed the woman by inches. But the next one hit her and she started bleeding. The boy was already on the ground. One of the bigger boys had brought down a lathi on his head. We had no intention to hurt the woman, but when she intervened and tried to overpower us, we assaulted her as well. The assault continued for a while and they both were lying lifeless, not fighting back anymore. There was blood all over. We ran away. We came home and we started panicking, but we didn’t tell anyone about the incident. Some people, however, had already seen us beating the foreigners up.”

“It was a spur of the moment thing. We didn’t have any control on ourselves and attacked them for no reason.”

He further stated that they wanted to apologise to the couple for hurting them and that they committed the stupidest mistake of their lives.

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Mahendar has also confessed that he was the first one to attack the tourists stating that they thought the couple was doing something they shouldn’t and they hit them without a second thought for consequences. He also confessed to hitting the Swiss man around the neck with a stick.

The incident caused a lot of outrage from the citizens of the country who condemned the attack which smeared the name of the tourism industry in India. Sushma Swaraj also stepped in to look into the matter and demanded a detailed report of the incident.

The country has been falling prey to a displaced sense of morality and the need to police foreigners or couples with the use of violence. The tourism industry plays an instrumental role in the economic growth of the country and it is high time we take the security of our foreign guests as well as our citizens, seriously.