Supreme Court Says Most Divorces Arise From Love Marriages, Sparks Massive Debate Online

The taboo and shame surrounding divorce and separation are so immense that people prefer to stay in love-less, often abusive and emotionally-draining marriages than face social ridicule. A divorcee, in our country, is often looked down upon as a “home breaker” or someone who brings “bad luck”. Hence, they are not invited to family or neighbourhood functions and are forced to live a life of isolation.

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There is also this debate between love marriage and arranged marriage.  A lot of people believe that couples who have had an arranged marriage tend to stick around with each other for longer i.e. have a more successful and happy marriage than those who have had a love marriage.

In fact, on Wednesday, the Supreme Court observed that most divorces arise from love marriages. According to India Today, a bench of Justices BR Gavai and Sanjay Karol, while hearing a transfer petition arising out of a matrimonial dispute, claimed, “Most divorces are arising from love marriages only.”

As this news grabbed headlines, the Supreme Court judges were met with a lot of criticism from people online. Many highlighted that those who have had a love marriage had the power of making their own life decisions and hence, when stuck in an unhappy marriage, also have the power to choose to separate from their partners.

The same cannot be said for people who have had arranged marriages. In many cases, the persons involved do not have the agency and external support to make such a decision for themselves and a lot of family complications are involved. Hence, they choose to remain in an unhappy marriage than be free and happy alone.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions the news garnered on Twitter:

What are your views on the statement that was made by the two Supreme Court judges?

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