People Tweet Heartwarming Stories Of Supportive Parents Who’ve Got Their Backs Always

Let’s accept it. Many desi parents tend to be pushy about certain matters. Class mein top karna, shaadi, and acchi naukri are some things that we, as kids, are constantly pressurized about.

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However, amongst the lot, there are also many parents who have learnt to let their kids go, have their own aspirations and dreams, and have let them live their lives on their own terms.

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I say this because many people online are sharing heartwarming stories of how their parents have been an incredible support to them. It’s a privilege to have supportive parents, they said. It started when one Twitter user highlighted that having parents who don’t pressurize you to get married is a blessing.

Reacting to this, many came forward with stories of how their parents didn’t pressurize them for marriage, jobs, kids, education, asked them to take their time, and some even stood up to relatives when they tried to create pressure! Have a look:

There are so many people from our generation who have had issues, often serious, because of bad parenting. We hope these tweets help new and future parents to do parenting right and be more supportive of their kids!

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