Eloping To Having No Kids, How TV Actor Sudha Chandran Lives Life In Her Own Terms

We know Sudha Chandran from her iconic portrayal of the negative character Ramola Sikand from the Hindi television serial ‘Kahin Kisi Roz’. But what we don’t know is her struggle to that point. Her journey has not been an easy one.


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According to ETimes, Sudha Chandran used to be a talented Bharatnatyam dancer. But at the age of 17, she met with a tragic accident for which, one of her legs had to be amputated. However, she regained mobility with the help of a prosthetic leg and she was soon able to resume her dancing. She performed in different countries as well. This was the first of the many hurdles she had to go through in life.

“I really had no choice, for me there were only two paths. Either I start walking or I would have destroyed my life. Actually, I didn’t want to live after the accident. But it was because of my parents that I bounced back,” she said.


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A post shared by Sudhaa Chandran (@sudhaachandran) 

Later in life, she fell in love with assistant director Ravi Dang and has been married since 1994. However, her parents were strictly against their union because their’s was a Tamil family and Ravi was Punjabi. Hence, the two eloped and got married at a temple in Chembur. It’s been 29 years since their marriage and the couple is child-free.

There were 7 years when Sudha didn’t have any work. She said, “I was unemployed for 7 long years of my career. Despite winning a national award for Nache Mayuri, I had to sit home for 7 years unemployed. Today, people say that they are not able to survive 6 months in the pandemic but I survived for 6 years without any work.”

But then, magic happened when she landed the role of Ramola Sikand.

“That was the turning point and the same people who once asked me to quit the industry came and awarded me the best negative actress award. And I consider it as the achievement of my life,” she said.

She has lived life on her own terms and has never settled for stereotypes. What an incredible journey she has had!

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